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French Presses for steeping Yerba Mate.

With our Table Top French Press tea maker, you will brew the cleanest, purest cup of coffee or tea possible, extracting all of the very best flavors, while keeping your brew hot for hours. These are not sold through retailers.

Nativa Yerba Mate is exclusively sourced and packaged for resale (Forest to Cup) in the oldest yerba mate forests in the world, where sustainable harvesting is strictly enforced by the Instituto Ambiental do Parana (The Environmental Department of the Brazilian State of Parana).

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40oz Table Top French Press and ORGANIC 2lbs Traditional Yerba Mate.

Award-winning, patented, leak-resistant lids. Stainless steel and easy to use. Keeps drinks hot for hours.

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$79.95 - Save $10!

2lbs Traditional Blend+
40oz Table Top Press

$79.95 - Save $10!

2lbs Traditional Blend+
40oz Table Top Press

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